Shorts in the office roll call


Present and correct sir.




I’ve had them on since Tuesday


Sandals, no shorts


Had the same trousers on for more or less a month now (stick that in your fucking pipe and smoke it, the View)



Raises hand




I’m wearing shorts at home rn, but may cave and opt for trousers when I go outside

#d r a m a


#suns out guns out


I’m telling myself I don’t care what people think.

I do have a change of shoes with me, the sandals were just for the walk in but I can’t be bothered to change them, it’s too warm


I was trying to imply that you were just in sandals (and presumably keks) … I need to work on my delivery.


I almost did yesterday, and at the and of my lunchtime walk, which I had to cut to just over 6km yesterday, due to slowing my tempo, I was regretting wearing jeans rather than shorts. Had i been in the office today, I’d be wearing shorts for sure.


oh right, that would be bold and sexy


I arrived in shorts but changed into my jeans


bare feet

(wfh :sunglasses:)



i’m in a tshirt so kind of causal. but no shorts :frowning:


Denim cut-offs on


Completely non-short related (I’d never wear shorts at work, btw) but what the fuck is it with people taking their fucking shoes off? Fucking disgusting, get your shoes back on YSC


People doing this at their desk: fine
People walking around the office with no shoes on: not for me, Clive