Shorts thread

need some new shorts, where should i get shorts from?

navy blue, beige or brown ONLY

M&S shorts have been a staple of mine for a few years, but they’ve changed the fit of the nicer looking shorts and now they don’t fit over my big cycling thighs. Pretty annoyed tbh, as none of my other shorts fit around my big beer waist


Uniqlo. Under £15. Come in all the colours.


who wears short shorts?

  • we wear short shorts!
  • we’re a massive tory, mate

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i only wear sports shorts. current rotation:

This weekend was my annual trip out to buy shorts and t-shirt, I got a nice pair of green knee-length linen/cotton blend shorts, very soft and comfy. However, they have a zip fly, which isn’t very fly if you ask me.

I have a pair of men’s thick cotton shorts I bought when I was on my semester abroad in Germany. The pockets are HUGE and they make me feel like a German Vati taking his Kinder on a trip to the Schwarzwald.

I just use the same pair of black rugby shorts I’ve had since I was about 14. Even go swimming in them sometimes.

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i linked to the Adam Scott Uniqlo shorts last time we had this thread and got some very concerned responses. but they’re the best so screw you, DiS.

I trust this lot about most things, except garms.

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Used to only own like 3 pairs of shorts back when I lived in the UK, now have about 8 on rotation.

Glad they’re getting some airtime lately, even if they deserve better.