Shorts To Work Thread (rolling)



Yes motherfuckers


Living the high life.




I’ve not worn trousers for about 6 weeks


Every day mate.


those are nice shorts Ant


Thank you Timothy. I am self-conscious about them on accounts of how I thought they were relatively innocuous when I got them and then two separate people said “Those shorts are pretty loud for you” when I wore them so I feel like I misjudged them in the shop.


No one in the office knows the magnificent pins they’re missing out on with their draconian dress code.


you can definitely pull them off with those pins


Only coming in for an hour or two tomoz so may sport some shorts. Yes, I will keep you informed.


Thank you for your kind words


Fuck off, clean shoes.


Clean shoes? What does that even mean? Isn’t that good?


Fuck off dickface!


He was quoting Mark’s response to being called clean shirt, idiot dickhead.


Been wearing shorts all summer, which isn’t always the best move because our office aircon is arctic.




shorts again motherfuckers

Now with medical aids in case you can’t handle #theleg


Didn’t go in, am wearing shorts.


I’ve been wearing shorts to work since April, I don’t ever want to go back to jeans.


Cargo pants, Olympic T shirt and sandals.

Not going back to bowler hat and rolled brolly never no more.


Been off work this week but wore shorts in consistently for the first time ever a few weeks ago. Felt like a deviant.