Quite good, aren’t they? I’ve never really worn shorts since childhood but I purchased some jogging bottom style ones on a whim and I’ve been wearing them (wash aside) for two weeks straight. Feels sort of liberating somehow. Reckon I’ll keep it going until September.

Only problem is I have just three pairs of trainer socks. Oh, that and the brambles.

How do you feel about shorts?


I like them but only wear them when it’s really hot (or doing some kind of physical activity) as I fear they make me look like a school boy.

They’re a lot like trousers but much more comfortable for hot weather because they are shorter


Best clothing item. Tend not to really wear long trousers at all between April-October. Got to be on or over knee-length though otherwise I look a fool.

Cargo shorts for work & leisure
Jogger material and football shorts for around the house


Maybe it’s time to overcome your fears, stand up proudly, and say “it’s okay for grown men to enjoy wearing shorts”.

It’s fairly cool this morning but I’m sitting outside and enjoying the breeze against my lower legs. Lovely. Can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for years.


This is true.

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I think you’re right!

But I also agree with Funky’s near knee length requirement.

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A downside of shorts CAN be a downgrade in pocket confidence however


i have skinny legs and knobbly knees so i don’t like to wear them because strangers might point and laugh at me

Same, I just can’t wear them because I look ridiculous in them. The only shorts I own are for swimming in.

Dang! They must be some BIG shorts to make them eligible for your 25m badges etc


Not with these zip-up bad boys. They have a bum pocket too.


Knobbly knees are great. They seem really sophisticated to me for some reason.

I’ve been pretty anti shorts historically (outside of exercise) but going to Porto and then the heatwave last summer has softened me a bit.

I have one pair I’m ok with, I need to get some more though as I’m going away for three weeks in June/July.

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A good short summary on why shorts are good and summery


Only wear them for cycling.

Nothing against them I’m just terrible at clothes so end up wearing jeans in the blazing sun.

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Been wearing some purple cargo ones this week

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Yes. Very positive.

I have a few pairs. Demin knee-length ones which are now too big for me but I wear them anyway. Some “quick drying” shorts meant for casual cycling but I wore them for everything a few years ago. I can just about squeeze into them now but my thighs bulge out of them when sat down, so I think they might have to get chucked in the back of the wardrobe. And some jersey material garish orange-tropical patterned ones for round the house days.

I’ll just say that shorts from the womens section of clothing stores are mostly an abomination - too short, non-existent or tiny pockets. I want practical, knee length shorts with decent arse and hip pockets. Might have to start buying mens shorts I guess :person_shrugging:

Having said that I’ve bought some not quite knee length shorts from someone on Depop cos they’re a brand I like. We’ll see how they fit.

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Find the word shorts very funny for some reason


we should start calling trousers ‘longs’