Should encores be banned?


They’ve become far too commonplace.


As an ageing gig goer, it is nice to know where you stand with set times.


Having to deal with London transport, it’s nice to have a break point where you can get an ending before you have to run for the train :confused:


Love it when a band/musician has the balls to not encore.




Think musicians should be allowed to take breaks as an when they please, like I can in my job.


Yes, punishable by death.


Agreed, but I would prefer their breaks to take the form of intermissions. Fewer encores, more intermissons!


Setlists should be published in advance so you can plan trips to the bar and piss breaks


no of course not. it’s contrived but i don’t really care, probably good for them to have a breather for a couple of minutes if the want. for a long set it can also be a good natural break for the flow and momentum of the setlist,

they can be quite weird a comedy gigs though when the comedian walks off and then immediately walks back on and continues


think the encore convention is fine, everyone expects them so it is just factored into the set time, they can still do a proper encore after the planned one if the audience demands more, can’t see any downside to them


I think I’d prefer encores if they were actually earned, but most of the time you’re just standing there thinking “well they’ve not done x,y and z, so they’re definitely coming back out”.

Always been a big fan of the Manics not doing encores


I’d be so bad at lying if I was in a band, like “ok this is our last song” then burst out laughing


They’ve become a bit awkward. Nobody really makes the effort to cheer for one anymore as they know it’s coming, so it just feels like you’re waiting for the musician as he/she/they go for a piss break. They should flip it and take a break about 15-20 minutes in so I can go get another pint.


Cant stand the ‘one more song’ chant which seems to be a fairly recent thing but encores are fine.


ONE MORE TUNE is a longstanding tradition in Ireland



Aye it can get a bit awkward when there’s not a big reaction. John Stanier from Battles got really annoyed when the Belfast crowd in a small venue just chatted and patiently waited for them to come back on. “Do you want us to play some more or what? Then make some noise! What, are you stupid?”

Angry man.


I’ll let it pass then, as you were.


Ol’ John doesn’t really understand encores, does he?