Should FIFA allow the home nations to wear poppies on their kits?

  • No
  • Yes

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Minimum chat please


I really, really don’t care


I agree with the former, the latter would be kowtowing to piles of shit


None of us care, mate


Could not give a single solitary shit (voted NO however as the basic idea that political sentiment should be kept off shirts is sound IMO)


I’m going to say yes, so that if Rooney or Wilshere play, I can make a ‘Poppy Cock’ pun


think the default is probably yes because ~rightwingpopulism~ or sutin


Worked at a school where it was compulsory for staff to wear a poppy, and it had to be in immaculate condition “to set a good example to the children”, :tired_face:

This was the same place that sent round a pp for health and social education that was supposed to be about dealing with stress for 14 year olds that mostly just claimed stress was good for you because it kept you motivated.


Tell you what was proper fucking bollocks: a minute’s silence at St Mary’s last Saturday. That is two weeks before the day you fucking cretins!


Just put the poppy design on the kits and don’t bother informing FIFA


It was Sunday. Please forgive me.


Never been to Southampton but I presume they’re tories, organic pie stands or w/e


My overriding feeling about all this is huge annoyance at remembering there is another fucking international break coming up though.


Voted no because I reckon that would piss off Brexiteers the most out of the two.

But obviously it’s just football and doesn’t actually matter.


England are playing Scotland apparently which doesn’t really count does it


I mean, I’m marginally more likely to watch it and lament my inability to get invested in the same way I used to be able to I suppose.


Nah. Slippery slope and all that if they start allowing some symbols and not others, if they are seen as “political” or not.

They could just change the three lions to three poppies or something, then change it back next month.

I have no idea why people feel so strongly about poppies. Nice gesture, but now not wearing one seems to get people in trouble.


The next England kit should just be a repeated poppy pattern all over.


Very unsettling hawkish militaristic fervour in this country atm


I’m glad FIFA have removed racism and homophobia from football because, frankly, that would be the only excuse for them giving any shits about whether or not two football teams wear some poppies.