Should have a regular weekly night imo


like people could say ‘tuesday night is night’, or any other day of the week, we’d have to choose which day.


agreed imo


can you do it on phones now?


yes. i’m in a latvian party room as we speak (on a phone).


should also reinstate our regular user status


it’s settled


thanks for sorting out this issue on behalf of us regular non-regular joes. see you in the lounge!


Requesting Friday/Saturday night for the benefit of those of us in the southern hemisphere (um, me, Theo and Antelope)


was gonna suggest a week day cause i didnt want to try organising something and then say “oops im off to get pissed.” at the first oppurtunity. but post pub saturday times would be good tbf.


Can I alternatively request Tues or Thurs nights (my boss doesn’t work Weds or Fri, so I can probably plug in undisturbed :smiley: )


I had no idea was back up and running. And on phones too? What a time to be alive.

I’m backing this idea. Sounds fun.


i secretly think tuesday is the best choice, don’t tell anyone tho


its happening


the poll results are in and this is going to be on thursdays. because i forgot to do it on tuesday and i’ve nothing on tomorrow.

starting sometime in the evening. on the dot.


are you plugdotdeejaying tonight Trick Len?


oh fuck. aye. forgot.


gonna @ everyone who showed an interest, if you don’t play records at me i’ll take it as a personal attack - @Juke @shrewbie @colossalhorse @infinite_jest @cowcow


Do I need to get the app to chat and shit?


yeah think so. on phones.


only just registered why i’m len