Should I be alarmed?

We are, finally, hopefully buying a house soon.

Yesterday we successfully got our AIP, which is a far cry from my credit being absolutely shite a year ago.

Today I’ve had four phone calls and one email from spammers, variously pretending to be my car insurance, a competition win, etc. All bollocks, obviously.

Do you think this could be linked to having a credit check run on my account? Also potentially worried that I emailed payslips/bank statements – maybe wasn’t as secure as it could’ve been? Or is it just a coincidence?

Hi, the bank/ building society which you got your agreement in principle will not have let your data go anywhere it shouldn’t. They will use it for underwriting. From what you have said it does sound like some of your data is on a list which has been either bought “legitimately” or taken illegitimately from a website you’ve used. I think it is a coincidence that it has happened at the same time as you are going through a mortgage but it doesn’t sound like the scammers actually have much more info than name, phone number, email. They are just going for low hanging fruit of people who will respond. Oh sorry also, the credit check is totally separate. It will be done through someone like experian, definitely not that.

Great, thanks. I get the odd call like everyone, just seemed odd that I’ve had so many today, and my first thought was to go to yesterday.

Sounds alright though, cheers.

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Also username/post synergy in action here.

No worries, I work for a bank ( albeit in credit cards not mortgages) but they will all be the same, level of data protection is very high. I got a call yesterday, similar thing, so annoying. I worry about people like my parents who might think they are genuine.

Good luck with the house :slightly_smiling_face:

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I rang my car insurer to report an accident a few years ago and got one of those spam “I’m calling about the car accident you had that wasn’t your fault” kind of calls on one phone, while i was speaking to my insurer on the other