Should I get a bridge piercing? (piercings and/or personal image thread)


the arty girl from Melbourne I have befriended in Berlin has kind of sold the idea to me a bit.

thinking maybe I could cultivate a new semi-edgy image, maybe like my boy @Ruffers RIP :pray: :raised_hands: . pair it with secondhand faux leather or denim jackets. or ratty jumpers for a kind of anarcho-vegan feel.

have I been in Berlin too long

what piercings do you have

is this a good idea

what looks have you had



What’s a bridge piercing please?




bit between your eyes. top of the old nose, there.



I personally don’t think you should get one but it’s nothing to do with me and you should do what makes you happy


Take it to the Matthew’s bridge!


I got rid of my tongue piercing last week having had it for 15 years. Feel like I should get something else done to make up for it, but not going to rush into anything tbh tbf. Have retired a few over the years, including 11 ear piercings, three nipple piercings, two nose piercings and two cock piercings :+1:

Minimalist remaining piercings rollcall:

Left ear scaffold
Right ear conch



gonna take this as further endorsement, thanks J Hova


I don’t have any tattoos or piercings and don’t think I’d get any as I can’t see the point, but I think other people should do what they want (except for the ederson smiley face one cause that’s rubbish)


I can get behind most piercings up ^ here, but I think below the neck and certainly belt don’t really fit with what I’m aiming for.

why did you get yourself pierced down there then, Petagno


haven’t seen his smiley face one

I could go for an upside-down smiley face, though?

think I’m gonna get a hare tattoo some day, all classical anatomical drawing style


The navel? Dunno really - it was the 90s and everyone seemed to be getting it done…


It’s pretty bad


that’s not what I meant by down there, friend!


Well my face is now red! :flushed:


Yeah this exactly but also it might make your life slightly worse and probably won’t make it any better.


I like that and think it’s good

@Antpocalypsenow, I know you have a similarly clean-cut image to Aggers here, but I feel like a smiley face tattoo would be on brand for you. or a lovely happy dog.


I think it’s shit


don’t do anything to impress someone else or be cool