Should I get this necklace in silver or gold?*

*stainless steel or gilded stainless steel

It says “No”. You can see both options if you open the link. Plain stainless steel appeals to me because I don’t like the feel of most metals touching my skin, but I’m worried it’ll be too “cold” for my strawberry blonde complexion :strawberry:

  • Plain
  • Gilded
  • I have no opinion but want to click on a poll regardless

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Come on, Drowned in Fashion

Edit: Forgot to make the poll public, and I can’t just trust ANYONE’s opinion so it is now edited.

If it matters, I don’t wear any other jewelry so it won’t be clashing with anything

Is gilded the more gold one?

I’m usually team silver apart from a few exceptions but I think with your hair and skin the gold one would look beautiful.




Very strong pro-gilded team atm

I would say gilded unless you’re going to wear it a lot like swimming, bathing, sleeping, etc where you might see the gilding fade. If you’re putting it on in the morning and taking it off before showering, sure.

(I only mention because I never remember to take my jewellery off before spraying perfumes or submerging them in oily, soapy water etc)

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I think you should go with what you like best ultimately. But I think gold jewellery looks sick with blonde hair which is why I wear a lot of it (Siri play Spandau Ballet)