Should I go and see U2 on Saturday? (Poll)


Seems I’ve won tickets to see U2 play a big free gig in Trafalger Square on Saturday.

Used to be a fan of the mid-90s stuff, and if they were doing the Joshua Tree sets from earlier in the year then that may have persuaded me to go. But just seen they have a new album out soon, so pretty sure they’ll mostly play songs from that and it’ll be shit.

So I’ll leave it up to you lot. Should I bother going and braving the cold to hear a bunch of tax cheats warble through songs no-one knows, or sack it off and have a night in instead?

  • Yes, go and see Bono the tax cheat
  • No, stay home instead

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It’s a free thing that loads of people round the world would kill to do. Go and do it.


So is watching rugby, doesn’t mean it’s good or fun


Rugby is free?


Sell them at face value to a U2 fan. Spend the money on a nice evening


I voted no but that’s because I utterly hate Bono and how he represents Ireland abroad. If this does not affect you then go!


Oh yeah but if you were given a free rugby ticket would you go? I wouldn’t


This is a free U2 ticket


My Dad gives me his season ticket for Musgrave Park (Munster’s second stadium) so I can go to games for free. Normally I just buy the program for him and I fuck off home then.


I dunno what I was talking about and have edited accordingly




Ok. I also wouldn’t go and watch rugby for free so this is now a good point and I concede the argument.


Course, free night out innit. Might play a banger or two. Beats sitting in your grundies indoors doing eff all.


Angel of (Tax) Haven
With or Without Financial Due Diligence
Mysterious ISAs



Wooooooooooooooooooooo, woooooooooooooooooo hoooooooo hooooooooo


Stuck in an offshore investment scheme you can’t get out of


Should’ve said the caveat is I’d have to go on my own, as my TV has made it clear she won’t sack off dinner with her mum to accompany me. And the couple of friends I’ve asked have said variations on ‘ahahahhaa no chance’


Bono is irish ?


Bono is a pox.