Should I go see the Wedding Present?

Playing tomorrow night (Thursday). Decent venue, reasonable price for a touring band.

I’m not like a massive fan or anything but I loved Bizarro at the time.

Are they any good in their live performances these days DiS or will it just be a room full of hideous old bald men desperately trying to regain their youth? (I mean as well as me, obviously).

I’ve seen them a couple of times over the past few years (Bizarro tour and most recent album tour) and they were good value both times. Tight live band, nice set selection, and Gedge has some good chat. Would watch again :thumbsup:


I honestly think no. Because nostalgia is awful.

Unless someone bins off their back catalogue and (for better or worse) keeps moving forward (like the fall - hence “better or worse”) then just don’t bother.

Plus flatulent old balding white men (like me).

Definitely. I saw them last month playing George Best, the band is as tight as ever. If you’ve loved them in the past, you’ll love them tomorrow. There will be bald blokes, of course.


They played tracks off the new album and ep too, which are like the tracks I always wanted Mogwai to record. So there. Plus, nothing wrong with nostalgia, the world is shit at the moment.

yeah ok.

Yeah. Always good fun live. I saw them at The Roundhouse do their George Best album and previously twice last year. Excellent band.

Thank you friends, I am becoming convinced. It looks as though they’re not doing George Best, if last night’s set is anything to go by. But if you reckon they can still cut it live, then I’m in.

(@zxcvbnm: fair comment, but last show they played 6 songs off a 2016 album, so it’s not all nostalgia).

I’d also sulk if they didn’t play kennedy/brassneck et al so they really can’t win.

They’re great live. Never seen them do a full album show, but when they did one of their general sets, every single song could have quite happily served as an epic set closer.

disregard my comments above I’m a terrible boring churl.

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All input useful and welcome, friend.

Why not go see them on the Shiiine On Weekender?

possibly because he’s in new zealand ?

dont ask me dude - I just went to see Midnight Oil.
The BMQ - bald man quotient - was over 25%

Saw them do a normal set last year, not a huge fan but quite like the first 3 albums. Were decent yeah, didn’t blow me away or anything but were worth seeing. Current guitarist looks like he’s in the wrong band but did a decent job.

sorry, didnt realise they were closed off from the rest of the world

Saw them perform Seamonsters a couple year back at Primavera and thought they gave a great, tight performance! Still need to give Going, Going… a listen.

I was just pointing out it’s a long way to come for a shit retro indie fest.

I saw them do Bizarro about 6-7 years ago and they were excellent. The last album and EP were excellent too. The room will be full of bald men, but bald men gotta go somewhere.