Should Nigel Farage be given a knighthood?

UKIP think so, and have written to the Government accordingly.

He is arguably (undoubtedly?) the most influential British politician of the last 20 years - perhaps even moreso than Blair.

It’s easy to mock him for all the battles he lost but ultimately he won the war, and with the democratic backing of the people. If not a full on knighthood, then at least some form of recognised honour. I don’t particularly like the man, and disagree with his politics, but he seems more deserving than many others who have been rewarded.

Hmm, interesting…

  • Yes
  • No

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yeah, sure. can’t think of any reason why not.

I’d probably make him a Duke

Sir Farage of Thanet. Lovely ring to it.


Actually, let’s make it “Ser” in the hopes that a massive Icelandic man comes along and crushes his head like a cherry tomato.

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Should we allow this account back?

  • Why not, he inspires interesting discussion
  • No, he’s a pestilent little tosser who should have been fired into the sun long ago

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I think, similarly to you posting less, it’s more about setting an example.

He has been a massive influence but not a positive one which is (supposed) to be the point of such honours.


Carol Vorderman has started a petition DEMANDING that Nigel Farage be given a knighthood.

Is it in anagram form


‘Positive’ is pretty subjective, of course. The 52% (of voters) would disagree with you.

Not Vorders!

hope it doesnt scupper her chances for Rear of the Year

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Plenty of leave voters think he’s a tosser

Seconded by Victoria Coren-Phil-Mitchell

It’s only positive if you pay no attention to the actual effects of what’s happening.

possibly not true*