Should they kill a load of seagulls?


I reckon they probably should tbh

Also are you inland and do you have seagulls? How far inland are you?


What’s it called?


I saw a programme once that said there is no such thing as a ‘seagull’.


What have the Score brothers ever done to you?


Willie homer :smiley:


they wake me up sometimes but i’m fine with it
love it when places get MENACED by animals


maybe just kill all animals except humans as they are the best animal


Can’t they just scare them off with a big hawk or something.


couldn’t hurt


The opposite of this


Mods, Epimer is advocating genocide.




they also tear up our binbags and leave rubbish everywhere but that’s the councils fault for having such a stupid system
i live approx 4k inland


They should introduce a natural predator


What’s with all those seagulls hanging around farms following tractors when they’re ploughing?


not if it’s everyone. we’d need a new word


They should train them instead.


with drones and stuff do we even need any real birds nowadays?


just train drones to make birdsong


we have little mix and ed sheeran - we really dont need them anymore