Should users be able to edit/delete their own posts?

This has been discussed on another thread and I know there are reasons people would prefer we kept DiS how it has always been and I’m not even sure how possible it is.

I know one of the big things about users editing posts means they can change what they’ve said, meaning all the replies are out of context. Essentially creating drive-by chaos or leaving users to look like they’re angry over something that has changed.

Deleting posts also means losing all the replies and I know users were very against that in the past.

Partly I think that the community has a different energy to it because people think before they post and topics / opinions get debated rather than just airbrushed.

Maybe I’m holding on to the history of the site a bit more and more users want



I like how it is I think


I’m all for it to be honest. Without being glib our silly little conversations aren’t important enough to worry about provenance or context and if it makes some users more comfortable or takes work off mods hands, cool. We’ve always got screenshots if we’re that bothered about something.


Might edit this so that it says something obscene. :crazy_face:

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Everyone but @safebruv


It’s a really good question, and not one I’m necessarily sure I have the answer to. I do agree that it maybe makes people think a little bit about what they post. But also I do see a use for example if you’d posted a pic that you later wanred deleted, or had a drunken rant about something or someone (not on dis) you later thought better of, then it’d be nice to be able to just scrub it yourself rather than asking the mods - I always feel guilty asking mods to delete loads of posts (not that I do it often… I hope).


Personally I’m more for allowing editing within a longer time period than deleting.

I think deleting (especially opening posts which nukes entire threads) could lose loads of resources and shared history.


Similarly, a drunken decision to delete a thread like one of the megathreads or a rolling thread a few months into the year, would really piss a lot of people off.

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I don’t know if it’s able to be done or not but it would be good to remove/select an option where the previous edits of a post couldn’t be seen. I’m going to end up uploading my balls one day and I’d rather rectify that quickly myself.


Yes. Definitely. Is there an option to not allow thread deletion but allow subsequent post deletion?


Can it not just be done like WhatsApp where a deleted post is just replaced by a ‘this post has been deleted’ marker, so it won’t nuke threads or look like people are reacting to nothing, but redacts and removes the post.


I get that deleting posts is a bit more complicated and there are reasons not to (although I’m in favour of it), but being able to change your own username and/or deactivate your own account should definitely be something that’s readily available to users.


Would it be possible to enable deletion of posts but not threads? I don’t see the harm in letting people delete their own posts so long as it’s not nuking other people’s content. Or editing with the ability to hide the edit, like @dktrfaustus said - I don’t want to accidentally show everyone my balls


Good question.

There are SO MANY settings on Discourse. Struggling to see what the options are.

Probably need some help looking at all the setting options

These are the people we use

And yet you won’t stop banging on about your huge dick.


Got to leave something to the imagination






If you need or want something deleted, a post or a thread, the mods can already do it.


I suppose partly the question is, do the mods feel like they have enough time/support to delete posts on users’ behalf. I believe in the past they’ve said they’re ok with it but things change (or may not have changed)