Should we have weekly uk rolling politics threads

Just checking really for the new boards

  • Yes
  • Yes but no special titles just the date
  • No stick with monthly ones
  • No and also no special titles on the monthlies

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This is anonymous.

My feeling is monolith monthly threads aren’t so good for encouraging debate. They discourage me from joining in. But maybe I’m wrong.

Also we can have more sub threads here so I guess also: maybe we should just try to spin out specifics to their own threads and the monthlies will naturally shrink?

i thought that was the whole idea? bin the rolling threads

doesn’t matter if it’s weekly or monthly they’ll still be unwieldy and uninviting to non-regular contributors


Anonyvoter poll:

  • I post once a week or more often in current monthly threads and think the current setup is fine.
  • I post less than once a week in current monthly threads and think the current setup is fine.
  • I don’t post in the monthly threads but would feel more welcome to do so if they were weekly
  • I don’t post in the monthly threads but would feel more welcome to do so if there were just subject-specific threads only.
  • I would never post in these threads but think they’re fine.
  • Not on PoliticsBook M8

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(Technically doesn’t allow for people posting in the current setup but still thinking they’re fine but it takes so many options these days it’s hard.)

I don’t post much and still probably wouldn’t but would get more out of reading them if they were weekly instead of monthly. Also think it probably would lead to more interesting discussions


Whatever happens in terms of frequency, if there’s a sequential set of threads I’d request that a link to the follow-on one is added at the end before closing off.

I think that rolling all purpose threads are maybe not th best but subject based ones should be fine, with the option for News to spin out?

LIKE ScotPol continues but threads can spin out of there?

I quite like the threads being wide ranging because it can be hard to know which specific threads to put things in otherwise

Feels like there’s more traction in a big thread - they did used to get very unwieldy when all of the politics was particularly relentless for a long time (or when people started doing endless knee poems for some reason) but I feel like they’ve slowed down to the point where they’re a lot easier to catch up on now

If people are still struggling with them then fair enough though


Getting distinct vibes my weekly thread is going the way of CUK/TIG. Will be sending my photo from Nandos in about an hour. :man_dancing:


The problem with weekly threads is that very often stories span more than one week, so follow up posts and replies get disjointed and disconnected.


Politics neither begins nor ends.

It’s more about why we split the boards up where there was a lot of discussion about how monolithic threads were unfriendly and also specifically about how people felt excluded from politics threads.

I’m not saying weekly is the answer I’m just conscious that we should try to improve this side of the board.

If that means people staying more in-depth threads on particular subjects that seems good too.

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Yeah I’m torn on this because i rarely venture into the politics threads at the moment because they’re usually on like 500 replies before i even notice them, but one new thread a week seems like it would disrupt the conversation


Just FAO Theo My poll just me wondering if it was worth seeing how many of the people who were voting “keep it monthly” were people who already post in monthly threads a fair bit.

My personal take is that monthly threads with spin-offs/event-specific ones are probably fine, but then that’s a bit “I’m alright, Jack” if I’m very much in favour of keeping the status quo that I like.

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Yeah, I think if we do shift to weekly threads then we’ll have to just accept that people will link to the old closed threads and discussions a lot more than they currently do.

It’s not a major problem, but it can be a bit more of a faff if you’re using DiS on a phone.

Oh yeah just one if those things where I realised a poll probably was probably too simplistic alone but hadn’t the energy yo try something really in-depth

tbh I got bored myself :smile_cat:

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Just to say that if we stick with monolithic threads, be they monthly or weekly, we should probably get rid of the news and politics category and put them back in social. Otherwise what’s the point?

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Keeps serious stuff out of there

was that the plan? I don’t recall that being part of the reason for having a separate politics board. like I know there was a feeling that very sensitive discussions should be separated - the serious matters board - but didn’t realise the social board was to become devoid of anything serious.

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