Should we move to a four day week?


Radio One, thank you comrades:


Given the impact that automation will have it seems inevitable.


Yes and ho!


it’s not like i’m doing any fucking work anyway


mollie king is quite good on the radio, defo better than matt edmundson who shes on with but better than grimmy? idk man.


I like the fact that the article says “The problem is, we’d start slacking off on Thursdays instead”, like yeah, because it’s all shit mate, we’re just doing shit.



Be strange when no transport is running, shops arent open, no hospitals are taking in patients, crime runs rampant as there’s no 999, your house blows up cos theres no gas engineers, and so on, but it sounds like a brilliant idea!!11!!


What would you guys pretend you would do with your extra day off?


It’s a miracle we make it through the weekend.


Computer games and wanking myself into a coma.

Posts that couldnt have been made by anyone else (rolling)

This would honestly improve my life by 100%.


And in reality you wouldnt bother with the games?


Oh, obviously they mean office people like us with cushy meaningless jobs should get a 4 day week!


Mate, feel free to run with the “what about the service workers who will have to work more to facilitate office drones’ leisure time”, but let’s not pretend the country turns to anarchy at 5pm every Friday.


I’m not pretending it does, I just find the argument for office workers working less as if its somehow barbaric to force people to work 5 days tiresome.

We’d be the first to have a total meltdown if all the people with real jobs decided they wanted to work less for the same and it inconvenienced us in the slightest.


I mean, everyone should have the opportunity to work less and enjoy more leisure time. Maybe we should just abandon the idea of Saturday and Sunday as special days off altogether.


Probably use the extra day for some exercise and the day for admin.


Tuesday for me


People will generally want to coordinate days off because they want to spend free time together and we reserve special events for the weekend when the majority of people have free time, but is there any real need for that?


The whole concept of the shorter working week is predicated on it not inconveniencing anyone in the slightest.