Should we move to a four day week?

As has been mentioned in other threads, it’s not typical practice these days.

If you had the choice, which would you bin off?

  • Monday
  • Friday

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Yeah, most architectural firms in Newcastle used to finish at lunchtime on Friday. It was really useful if you were heading off somewhere for the weekend, but also did mean that you’d often just end up in the pub all afternoon.

Oh really? I didn’t know that. I remember some supermarkets even doing it for Sunday shifts.

It used to be the norm that it was time and a half on sundays and double time on bank holidays. That’s not the case now.

I don’t :frowning:

i’d do that

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nah ive got pals who are service workers who think its hilarious that i have to go to work mon-fri 9-5, but theyre the first to complain when we cant organise a night out for months. fucking ambulance driver/police officer chumps, they should get a proper job doing admin work in an office

Sounds good. Bloody love taking a days holiday in a random spot with no specific plans, just chill out, do some cooking, have a bike ride or whatever

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Do you reckon it’s far more likely that all workdays stop being workdays necessarily?

For office workers, instead of a five-day week and weekday, we move to a task-based workload where you have a set amount of work each week and are allowed to coordinate your own time to achieve it. Are you disciplined to make this work?

Yeah, I had some holiday days to use up at the end of last year, just took a Friday and Monday off, wife was at work, kid was at nursery, just had pure uninterrupted me time for a whole working day… was absolutely lovely.

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Yeah, I reckon so. My job is heavily task-based and if I had set targets I reckon I could tailor my working weeks to whatever best suited me.

In practice there’s always more work to do and I occasionally choose to do some stuff at the weekend to give myself some breathing room, but, y’know, in theory.

So tempted to do this. I can afford it now, but feel like I need to hold off as long as possible before caving to it. I’d probably go full 80% for the four day week. But can’t help feeling it would also be career death. Not too sure I care about that though.

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Went down to a PT 4 day 30 hr week. Don’t work Mondays and can often but not always work a couple days from home. Life improvement 1000%. Seems sensible with a baby giant on the way as well.

I suspect not any time soon, although of course it’s something that’s already happening gradually. I think my thinking is that there’s still quite a lot of residual need in the economy for days when “everything is open for business”, and also a need for days when most services aren’t, when lots of maintenance type tasks get done. But the more communication improves the less likely that distinction is to hold.

I work a 2.5 day 30ish hour week and it’s good but still too much work for a person to be doing.
Does anybody know how I can make just 10 pounds a day giving less than an hour each morning so I can stop the .5 of a day and go down to 2 days? Please.

I did this a few years ago - I was able to take Thursday off and it worked really well. Back up to 5 days now, wish I still had that extra time!

For me it’s a balance between better work life balance now and earlier retirement. Can’t help feeling I’d rather have a more relaxed time in my fifties than shave a year off my retirement date.


It’s definitely worked well. Not that I’ve done or do any particularly productive with the extra day. Just normal things like hitting the gym, meeting friends for lunch, running errands. Like the flexibility it affords. Do think that employers are wising up to benefits of improved work life balance.

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I could move to a 4 day week now I reckon. Change my contract to 8-6 Mon-Thurs, have every Friday off. Boom.

Problem is my commute’s almost an hour and a half each way. If my job was half hour away I would be hammering HR about that.