Should we take this gig? Don't want to sell out.

My good buddies and I are planning on making music full time with our band, while we’re still young and have the time to do so. Due to our plans, we’ve all had to make sacrifices and basically spend more money for studio time, and trying to rack up as many gigs as possible to get our name out there. Our band plays original compositions that can be categorized under the nu-metal and alternative rock genre, so there’s somewhat of an image to uphold.

Following this trail of thought, money has been tight lately with the expenses of getting some much needed recording sessions at this local studio in town. Our bassist’s girlfriend recently set us up for a gig that pays really well, and we’re only required to play for at least an hour for an event. The only problem is that it’s for this foreign affair matchmaker company, and they want us to play acoustic covers, along with other popular songs that are just not our style. Should we go for it? I don’t want us to sell out, but we badly need the cash if we wanna make this work out.

Hi CG!


Just play the nu-metal, people love retro cheesy shit.


Play Butterfly by whatever that band was called on repeat.



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Crazytown? No it’s in London mate. Ha!

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This is now the thread to suggest acoustic covers of nu metal songs for the imaginary megabucks gig.

Could be called ‘Break Stuff (Gently)’


An acoustic mashup of Limp Bizkit and Toni Braxton called Unbreak My Stuff?


Do this sort of thing.
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Do it. You don’t have to promote it and even if it’s not your thing it’s good to play stuff in a different style to what you’re used to.

Good luck with the band!

Mate nearly every nu metal hero has sold out to survive. You heard what Korn sounds like now?

With bands making next to nothing in album sales any more, I’d say with total
confidence that there’s no longer the same kind of pressure over ‘selling out’ like there was in the 90s. Do it as it’s just a temporary means to enable you to further your real passion, with little negative impact eg it’s not like it will forever link your music to a brand. It’s a private event, you don’t have to engage with the people there or endorse the company, you’re just being background music for people there for something else.

if youre making a nu metal band in 2018 you arent gonna get many gigs so take what you can

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I’m just gonna reply to all of you collectively. Thanks for the response. Based on what I’ve seen here, I guess the band should take the gig. And yeah for those who sad nu metal can’t get much sales these days, I agree.

i think by starting a nu-metal band you have already sold out.

go for it.

Probably misses his old metal.