Should you wear a suit to a wedding reception?

I’m going to a wedding reception tonight but not the main wedding.

One of my ‘friends’ is outraged that I’m not wearing a suit. I was just gonna go in a smart shirt, black jeans and some smart trainers.

Am I breaching wedding etiquette?

Who knows - depends on the friend and the type of wedding it is.

Personally, any opportunity to wear one of my nice suits I will grasp with both hands.

Wear what you want mate. I’d probably wear a suit without a tie, but I wasn’t worried about what anyone wore to my wedding, let alone the reception. Get not everyone has that attitude though


I don’t really like wearing a suit. More of a casual type.

I think it’s fine either way? By the evening, most people are wearing their ties round their head like Rambo so I think you’re probably alright to go with a smart shirt.

* Caveat: I think that if the bride/groom have specified a reasonable dress code then it’s good manners to go along with it, unless it’s ridiculously expensive or something


wear whatever the fuck you want, anyone who’s outraged by what you’re wearing is a prick, plus chances are most of the day guests will be completely pished by the time you show up anyway


Completely depends on how formal the wedding is? I’m not a man but if I was I’d probably go shirt and tie to be on the safe side. Jeans are a big no surely.

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If it’s a fairly traditional wedding then I’d absolutely be wearing a suit. It’s not really about your comfort, it’s about deferring to the standards of the event etc etc

Of course I’d probably find an excuse to not go at all, but that’s just me.

Would be jeans and shirt / blazer / jacket for me

Defer to the occasion (and the people whose occasion it is) and what would be considered generally acceptable in that context, and go from there. If that’s smart jeans and trainers, then fine.

I might wear new non-worn jeans if they looked alright. But as mentioned, every wedding is different. If you know that other people would be wearing similar then why not, but if everyone will still be in morning suits you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.

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Yeah it’s almost impossible to answer without knowing what the wedding will be like.


So the reception is in a pub function room. It’s some guy from work who is pretty laid-back.

No dress-code specified.

That changes everything.

White tuxedo.


In that case I think you’re pretty fine with what you said in the OP


TY for help.

I hate social occasions like this. If I ever have a wedding people can wear whatever they hell they like.


I’m busy that day. Sorry


As long as you can still comfortably perform the Macarena any attire is fine.

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I’d still wear trousers and ‘smart’ shoes but I reckon a shirt would be fine

Wear a wedding dress. Ultimate power move.