Show and tell

Did you ever have to do this at school? I remember only one and it was in year 13 (??) and i made a powerpoint presentation about my cat and his amputation surgery, didn’t even warn them with the gory stitches photos :sob: what would you do one now for if asked? I would probably do cats again


Good thread and love you went full gore.

I don’t think i ever did it but i do remember bringing some sea coal in and asking my teacher if he could find out what it was for me. Think i used to bring in rocks and things quite often so was crying out for a show and tell really. As such I’d probably now do one on the hagstone i found on Worthing beach this summer, or my pebbles my bf brought me back from Alaska :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Think of it as a purely American thing you see in movies but then maybe teachers in the UK thought they’d give it a try? Same with parents going in to talk about their job or making science experiments you have to demo to the class.

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No but I think it’s a great idea. I probably would have brought my plushies and explained their interpersonal dynamics.


Can’t actually remember what I did myself, but I do remember another lad in our class bringing in all their wrestling figures, and that was great fun.

25 years ago. Should probably declutter my head at some point.

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Pretty sure we did it quite regularly at primary school, unless I’ve integrated memories of American tv into my school experiences. Now that I’m thinking about it I can’t remember any specifics like what I or anyone else brought in. On the other hand one of my teachers had trained or worked in America so she might have introduced it if it is an American thing (is it just an American thing?)


Brought my guinea pig into school. It weed on my jumper a bit and chirped along with me when I was talking but then was quiet when I stopped talking to allow everyone to hear the chirping.

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