Show me show me show me Tuesday eve-en-ing


The one that made me SCREAM she said.

Hello everyone I’m drinking a beer and going to see Idlewild. How are you? Over the long weekend?


@colinzealuk how did you fare in Thursday’s death-sports?


gonna have a fucking great bath soon!


Back to work tomorrow. Slight dread, but nothing major. Had a cracking day. Picnic in the park with my BFF and our babies. Orla is being a little shit now, so she may go to bed without dinner. Bathtime for her in a sec.

Hope Idlewild are good and that your beers are decent. We definitely need to sort something out soon


One of life’s simplest pleasures.

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What was I doing on Thursday?


Evening all. Am on the train and am ravenously hungry, but the only thing I have on me is a bag of rather pongy cheese and onion Hula Hoops. I’d like to think that the fellow commuters are grateful for my sacrificial behaviour but I don’t think they give a shit.


Fighting to the death, as i remember it


I don’t recall this - or any of Thursday tbh, so I assume I died.

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Home. Long walk. Cookin. Gamin. Bed


OK, In that case it’s my responsibility to slam anyone who starts an early evening thread. bit busy enjoying my evening though, so, you know, might just leave it.

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evening starts at 5pm though right?


Plz assist, I was stupid.

My sink is blocked now as I adjusted the plug depth(?) and now it’s sitting flush in the hole - the plunger won’t raise it up at all and there isn’t even enough of an edge to get a knife into. Sealed pretty good.

What can do? Put in some cold water to maybe make the metal contract a tiny bit so there’s more of a gap? Maybe use a magnet to lift it out?


Also the floaters are off the knife, my sink is usually clean af guys really don’t worry about it

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Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

bit of blu tack on a stick

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suction cup
electro magnets


depends who you believe


plunger on the overflow hole to push it up from underneath


I thought you just pressed them and they popped up again?


Had the afternoon off and finally finished all the painting touching up in the garden.

Just spent the last 10 minutes watching s spider cocoon a wasp on my window ledge. Revitting stuff


Fill your sink and pipes full of rice?