Show me show me show me Tuesday eve-en-ing

Update - sock is glued to plug, waiting for it to dry, then attempting extraction.

I need chocolate, stat.


I believe me

where the on Earth are those arrows directing people to?


Welcome to spanish roads

Back to work, was fine. Had an assembly where they played R Kelly. I was very much REALLY?? He’s now on the do not play list anyway.

Cooking up some oven chips and hot dogs. That’s it.


Please keep up updated on this :grinning:

This emoji looks quite threatening now. Imagine a jovial smiling face instead.


I mean, i’ve driven Spanish roads, but where I was, it was all disco roundabouts and disappointing roundabouts that weren’t very disco at all.

Going to see Antlers. Quite excited

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Hope the ticket price wasn’t too deer


It’s the remix to detention
Hot n fresh out the classroom
Key stage 4 have been naughty
Got every teacher here ragin’

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Hey everyone

I should be going out on my bike and catching up with my friends, but I’m not sure I’m going to make it out the door

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Was supposed to go to the spurs Brighton game but I didn’t get out of my staff meeting til 6 so can’t get there now

U okay?

Omg I forgot about disco roundabout! Best drive to the airport ever :sunglasses:

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Carrying on with watching the wire. Just had a shower here, so the washing is a tad damp. What a riveting post

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Watching ‘Jane The Virgin’. Feel like I deserve four million pints. Will probably not drink any pints.

Four beers in and pretty drunk lads. This doesn’t bode well.


Looks like you could dunk your face in that beer like a ginger biscuit


A supplier of ours is taking me out for dinner and beers tonight.
Initially wasn’t looking forward to it because the last wee while has been mental but now quite up for a few beers and some dinner.

Off to the horse shoe for the for the first time in a long time. :+1:

Anyway Cheers hank :beers:

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