Show me the top of your head


show me the top of your head


@AphexTwinkletoes to thread


Hey, that rhymes


You’re a poet and you didn’t know it.


show me


Someone walked in on me taking this but I think I managed to style it out as having a nice stretch. Holding my phone. In the gents.

I’m gonna have to resign and flee to Bolivia, aren’t I?


this is great!!! good head too dude, you don’t need a hat!


Thank you! This is freshly shaved last night - if this was 24 hours earlier it would have been a god damned mess.

Disappointed in the lack of head tops in here. For shame, DiS. For shame.


i’ll do mine in a sec when the bookshop is clear


Go on then. For my bald brethren.


holy shit that is a pleasing head shape and smoothness


Ooh you flatterer.


That is one beautifully shaven head. Excellent work.


Thanks man. Can’t claim to have any shaving skills whatsoever though - my hair fell out.


Ah, hope that wasn’t too insensitive a comment then! If it’s any consolation head shaving is the absolute worst.

Hope that wasn’t too insensitive a…y’know what I’ll see myself out.


Not insensitive at all - don’t worry!

I’ve been bald since the age of 8. I wouldn’t have it any other way now.



this is quite geometrically pleasing


That BETTER be a combover mate.


I’ve gone the other way and stopped shaving my head. Just got bored of it. Balding and proud