Show me yer best local (public) outdoor space (with rules)



Whatcha got for me? Show me your parks and your lakes and your… other outdoor places. Not your own garden we have a separate boring thread for that. This one needs to be boring and public.

But it must be within a half mile of where you live




this is absolutely top notch. Talk me through it chadders


Orrell water park


This is about 3 minutes away from my front door…




i am fucking jealous


Wow, this is spectacular.


(Walthamstow Wetlands)


Couldn’t find a photo with the two best things in it (cows and river), so you can have this really boring one with neither instead.


This is Makara Peak, the hill just across from my house. Mountain bike park with lots of regenerating bush


my pal has just moved really close to here and i’m hyped about visiting and doing a tour


Oohh let me know when you’re going! Haven’t seen you for years and years


Plymouth Hoe. Also includes lighthouse.


YES result actually and i’m pretty sure you have some cracking boozers within the vicinity… seems like fate?


nice lighthouse, hoe


If you come on a Saturday we could go to Beavertown brewery just down the road #justsaying


Roman Amphitheatre in the middle of the village, excavated barracks, baths and museum just a stones throw away.

More importantly only two minutes from a Brains boozer and other side of the car park to the kids rugby club which gets loads of sun and has cheap booze.


Here’s a moody shot of our local loch and castle. It’s actually 1 mile away but I’m sure you’ll let me off xylo.


Wellington Rocks. Favoured dog/child walking destination.