Show me your collections of things, DiS

Collecting! Impulsive, irrational, pleasing at the very core for some minds, totally pointless to others.

  • I have previously collected certain items but do not anymore
  • I have collections of things and still collect
  • I have never had an interest in collecting
  • I have had an interest but cannot afford to collect that specific thing

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Anyway show me what you collect. Theo it’s your time to shine.

ALSO tell me what you WOULD collect if you could

I own a lot of football shirts but I’m not sure it counts as/is enough for a collection

how many is a lot?

Without checking I’d say around 20

If you think I’m digging my warhammer out…


“now that i am aware that band tshirts count, i have realised i am a collector”

  • a good half of them no longer fit me Rob.
  • Would you like to buy a Johnny Foreigner first album tee?

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that’s a collection

i am RIGHT.

i have two gamecubes if that counts


did you get the second one because you wanted or needed it?

All in storage :sob:

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one of them only works half the time but i can’t remember which one is which

I have things and when I like things I might have several of them but I would not call myself a collector of things


you are not a collector.

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I collect fifty pences.

Probably have 20 or so PKD books because the covers are usually cool. Haven’t been able to do any collecting lately as the used book shops are closed (I think)

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Here’s the inside of my postcard box


i think a collection needs to fit these criteria

• you do not need more than one of that thing but seek out more nonetheless
• they are thematically joined in some way
• the acquisition of said thing is compelling beyond it being a single item

This is probably the pick of them. Absolute thing of beauty


they mainly are although some have had a crack at online selling. ABE is, as ever, the place to go