Show me your collections of things, DiS

phwoar. them deep reds.

i buy more things because they are different rather than because i want to collect more things

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Oh wait, I’ve got my warhammer top trumps.


i’m going to need an example of what you have several of that you are unsure whether it’s a collection

sick. @Songs_about_ducking the good shit is happening


Yeah this is how I feel about footy shirts and why I’m not sure I’d call it a collection. Collecting is all about the spirit of the thing I think. I feel like I just see the pretty thing and want to own it, rather than feeling like I’m collecting kits. IDK

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Got around 40 pairs of socks.

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got some badges which might count as a collection but they serve a sartorial purpose

wellll i’d argue there’s absolutely zero rational reason for owning more than 10 football shirts other than because you enjoy collecting football shirts. you could for instance seek out other pretty things, but if it rounds back to consistently being football shirts there’s an element of compulsive collecting in there somewhere

Reckon I’ve got about 6 different types of lentil. Just a rookie collector



Haven’t really worn any since March so it is a collection for collection’s sake.

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i like the idea of you regularly being a badge wearer

I have a pretty good food collection in my fridge at the moment but I expect to have eaten it all by the end of the week

things i’ve collected in my life:

Animals of Farthing Wood magazines
Pogs (and slammers)
Corinthian football players
Football stickers (94/95, 95/96, 97/98, 98/99, Euro 96, 00, 12, World Cup 98, 02, 06, 10, 14, 18)
CD albums
Gig tickets
Nice books like them clothbound ones


now you are collecting arch takes


But owning more than, say, 5 pairs of jeans is unnecessary but I wouldn’t call someone a jeans collector, just someone who likes to wear jeans (I wear pretty much all of them at least semi-regularly, bar the ones that no longer fit or are for old seasons for my actual team which need binning or taking to the chazza)

Used to collect Blue Peter annuals. Had loads from 70s up to 90s. Might still be at my parents house. Quite likely.

They made me get rid of my NME and Select mag collection though…

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I write to you with one of my many, many unrelatedly purchased fountain pens to emphasise that I will not be tarred with the term ‘collector’.

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your wearing them definitely helps your case actually. that’s a good point.

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