Show me your most loved band/film t-shirts!


I’ve been having a rummage for some trashy horror film related t-shirts and it got me thinking about those faded, holes in the armpits, too-loved t-shirts that remind you of an amazing gig you went to years back or maybe it’s referencing a film you love, whatever!! Allow me a nosey and show me!! Thanks.


not a band t shirt, but this is a great opportunity to show off the best shirt I’ve ever owned-a custom printed t shirt of Phillip Lahm performing a press-up. lost it a few years ago :frowning:


I’ve never been that into them, ash goldfinger and nirvana smiley (long sleeve) were probs my favourite



You sound like the type of person I would have been friends with when I was at school. Loved a bit of Ash.


Only one I have tbh that’s not a mate’s band or something - photo from the back cover of white light/white heat


what a touching post



What’s that from?


xiu xiu


aaaaaaah, you learn something new everyday n that. :slight_smile: haha.


Probably this one, but the rainbow No Age one pushes it close


Ooo, do you get lots of people reading your chest? I would be one of those people.


Yeah, loads*. Can’t keep them away



Used to have this, but the tshirt was green, not black. It’s been relegated to pyjama duty these days though because it’s really worn out. I often end up not getting tshirts I want, because men’s shirts are too big for me. Even the small ones are all weird round the shoulders.


I went out with a guy who had a t-shirt with one of those eyechart test things on it, the letters spelled out… “The harder you look, the harder I get”. His Dad also had one.

I despair.


That’s a top shirt right there.


Oh god they didn’t go out together perving in them, did they?


Had this as well, was a really nice fit.


Haha, sigh. I wouldn’t be surprised. His Dad was a proper body builder type. There were lots of pics of him with his top off all over the house, he even applied to be on Gladiators.