Show me your toolbox


This is not a sex thread.

I assume everyone has a toolbox. Why wouldn’t they? Even if it’s just got one screwdriver, a bit of string and a button it it, it still counts.

So show it to me. Your toolbox.


I wear a lycra skinsuit every other day, half of Hampshire has seen it.


I have a toolbox, but I do not bring it into work with me every day, therefore I cannot provide you with a photo.


Why would anyone in rented accommodation have a toolbox?


I’ll wait


…if a fuse blows do you call your mum or something?


I have six screwdrivers and a small hammer.


that’s the spirit (level)!


Landlord. I’m paying their mortgage they can come and fix shit

ps. you don’t need a toolbox to change a fuse


Anyone got a MASSIVE tool they’d like to stick in my BOX?

It’s quite a spacious toolbox so I’d be happy to provide a temporary home for anyone currently looking around for their own long term storage solution.


so you have a tool DRAWER?


No i do not own a screwdriver, hammer, nothing


wow that’s thrown me. Wait this needs a poll now


Do you own ANY tools?

  • Y
  • N

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The biggest tool in the house needs no other tools.


you’re just asking for this to turn into a cycling thread, aren’t you.


oh god. ABORT.


guys I have two toolboxes


yessss <3


wazzo toolboxes*