Show us the last doodle you did when you should have been paying attention to something else



I draw mostly bombs with lit fuses and satellite dishes

“support young carers… wooden cabins”


the doodles of a madman!


oh yeah I also freestyle the world’s worst abstract poetry while on conference calls


Top bit is the doodle. Words are what I needed to remember


I lack the imagination to doodle.


not a doodle in sight


£90 rent :+1:t2:


partial payment dude! was a bit short last month innit


that’s per day. bird lives in a 4 star hotel


4* hotel for £90 :joy::joy::joy:



Soz. Wasn’t judging


s’fine man. no issues with your line of questioning!


sorry I haven’t paid for a hotel in this country since 2004 I have no idea


Do you ever doodle something and then worry whether you might have accidentally doodled something that’s a far-right symbol or something?


Was driving into Manchester last weekend and the ibis budget in ancoats was advertising it had rooms available

£133 a night

For an ibis budget


Accidentally :joy:

Just put it in a circle and put a cross through it and your fine


come on guys show us yer doodles


Is this you and @meths ?

“mate, I can bench twice that”