Show us ur food cupboard or pantry

good work

Barts represent

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wow, that’s a really cupboard


I know, thank you :slight_smile:

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Nah, if you like it, then why not?

no self-control pal. none at all.

You and me both. I guess that’s where being 6’7 helps me out.

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you’ve got 6 inches on me (wahey) but yes, still thanking our lord for my beautiful height

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there’s not much in mine. tin of peas. some rice and couscous. some herbs and spices.

Mate has anyone said how cupboard that is?

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Had to put some shelves up under the stairs because there was inadequate space for food storage, so most of the tins, etc live under there. Far too much of a shit tip for me to share a photo of it though.


I think (hope) everyone is carefully selecting their cleanest tidiest cupboard.

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Well laaaa diiii daaaaaah

Too posh, but not classy enough.

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can’t believe how cupboard these all are, mine are not nearly cupboard enough to post pictures of.


last time you cleaned the shelves/doors of your kitchen cupboard(s)

  • This week
  • This month
  • This year
  • When we moved in
  • What lol

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Why does nobody have a film of sticky black stuff (possibly congealed soy sauce, possibly something else) everywhere.


dead moths, couple of bits of rice pasta that got spilled a while ago, a jar of tahini that’s been effectively empty for 18 months, live moths, random batteries, a valentines card my 3 year old made me at nursery etc


… these are a few of my favourite things


you know those spice pots in your first pic, the ones with the white bar in orange circle - where are they from? I always see them in peoples houses from a distance. Does it say by sainsburys?

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