Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)

Inspired by @Jeremys_Iron 's veloute and @Witches tarts, here’s a thread to post all your proud creations and hoover up them likes. Who needs instagram?

I’ll start with some profiteroles I made recently.


And yes I ate them all.

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Mate those prof(k) rolls look :100: Always bang a bit of whisky in the cream in mine :ok_hand:

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I made some pretty good thai chilli mussels recently. Peng/10


Those look pretty good ma man, when you having me round for dinner? :grinning:

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hey the torilla chips (homemade) and homer cake aren’t spanish!

btw the cocido (2nd photo) might be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten (made it with supervision from my grandma tho so does it count?)

It all looks well good m9. Would eat.

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fucking loved the look of that fish you did m8. still thinking about it.

I should have posted this last night but I made this Miffy cake for my youngest’s birthday a couple of months ago


Veg chilli (for tomorrow) cooking up now!!!


ooo is that a le creuset? still in love with my massive chasseur (slightly cheaper version of le creuset) dish.

Oh and my friend was bummed out that she didn’t manage to get to the Tim Horton’s stall in Trafalgar Square on Canada Day, so I tried my hand at making Timbits (which are essentially doughnut holes)


Certainly is!!! Seems to work pretty good - even tho we have totally fucked it over the years - gf tried to make some boiled sweets once which took a lot of the coating off!

Reckon I’ve got fish down now, my hatred of Rick Stein really motivates me. Genuinely one of the nicest things I think I’ve ever cooked.


If I’d seen this thread about 25 minutes ago I would’ve taken a photo of my baked sweet potatoes loaded with cheese, refried beans (homemade), more cheese and avocado

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tbh, you can treat those things like shit and they still do the job.

I started doing my bolognese in mine (in the oven to slow cook for a couple of hours) and can’t go back to doing it on the stove.

this is a superb thread btw. can’t believe we’ve never done it before.


I can never get that nice crust on my fish - do you have it on an ultra high heat?