Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)

Thanks! There’s a fancy supermarket here in France called Grand Frais (which I think translates to ‘great cost’ or ‘great expense’! :laughing: ) and they sell little pots of edible flowers for €2 and I wanted them but then didn’t know what to do with them. neighbour gave me some figs et voila!

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Made a couple of vegan moussakas with cashew bechamel. Got proportions wrong and would have ideally liked one deeper pan the sake of looking better but tastes pretty great.


Made those “perfect” Guardian cookies

Tbh could be sweeter? Might do milk choc or a lighter dark next time. 70% plus sea salt is a little much, but still lovely


Chickpea and aubergine masala, spicy sprouts, parathas* and mango chutney. I’m fucking delighted with it all tbf

* unrolled croissant if you’re @Gnometorious or @Avery


Absolute unit of a stollen


‘Chocolate cake is not very good’ tell that to my Missisippi Mud Cake!

Gnome with double chin - for scale

Interior view


I’m not usually one for chocolate cake, but fuuuuuuuck!


Woahhh this looks like all kinds of good! Wow.

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Probably posted them, but these PB cookies turned out better than any previous batch. The exact combo of crunchy and chewy I’ve been aiming for


What recipe did you use?

Simplest one in the world - 4 ingredients

I do get quite different results at times, between crunchy soft chewy flat or chunky, but given how few ingredients there are the particular brand of PB probably has a big impact. I have been letting them bake for more like 15 mins also

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Oh haha that’s essentially the same as the one I always use anyway

sames, but this looks immense

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This is how I eat the cake

  • You’re sexy
  • You make me sick
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Only 2/3 of a slice because we’ve almost finished it already and we’ve found eating smaller portions several times a day to be more enjoyable and less nauseating than a massive slice just twice a day.


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Has the top half of the slice done an exorcist there?



Looks like the top half has done a 180 like the possessed lass’ head in the exorcist.

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