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Hi chums

Does anyone have a good basic wholemeal seeded loaf recipe for my first attempt at bread since I was in school?
Want to make some bread next weekend.

No sorry, plus flour shortages where I live

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What flour n seeds have you got?

I have strong wholemeal flour (and self raising, plain etc) and these

Plus whole bags of pumpkin and sesame seeds.

If you have strong white as well this is one I make fairly regularly

400g strong white
100g strong whole
75g seeds
5g salt
1 tbsp yeast
1 tbsp honey
370g water

Mix it up, leave it for 30 mins, then knead for a couple of mins until not so shaggy. Flatten it out and roll up into a log. Stick it into an oiled loaf tin and leave to prove somewhere warm for about an hour (into doubled in size). Put a tray of water in the bottom of the oven and preheat to 230. Bake for 40 mins.

If you don’t have any strong white, the same recipe above does work with all wholemeal but I’d put in a tsp more yeast and 20g more water and you might need longer for it to rise.

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is a tbsp yeast right? that seems like a lot.

About 15g, originally just took it from the instructions on the tin

Fair enough. Good recipe. Will have a go.

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You made me realise that some yeast is different though, so best follow the packet instructions

Looks good, cheers! How big is the loaf tin you bouncin how hun?

Bit personal!


Usually make a couple of sourdoughs a week but my most recent just happened to be :ok_hand:t2: Think the milder temperature helped the rise!


That is a thing of beauty.

Post your recipe and technique pls?

450g white flour, 150g starter, 275ml water, 10g salt

10 min knead on a lightly oiled surface (it’s quite a soft wet dough), 3 hours covered in the bowl with stretches and folds about 3 or 4 times over that three hours (this helps massively with the structure and bubbles!), shaped on lightly floured surface, in the basket, basket in a plastic bag, I usually leave it out for an hour or so then in the fridge until ready to bake. In the case of this one it was in the fridge from 10pm last night until 4pm today. Hot oven, 230 degrees, turn it onto the pan, quick slash with a knife, 25 mins lid on, 25 lid off. :+1:t2::bread:


Seedy toast
Avocado chilli pesto
Roasted toms
Hot sauce


What’s in your avocado chilli pesto, hun?

The next time I make them I’ve just gonna add all the brownie batter at once instead of blobbing bits of it on top.


Avocado, chilli flakes and normal pesto ingredients (light on the pine nuts and lemon juice, heavy on the basil and pecorino)