Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)


Much, much better than your cous cous


What is it?


Artichoke & piquillo paella, with spinach, fennel seeds and sherry




Rhubarb crumble (doesn’t look much, smells ace though)


A better attempt at macarons


They look good!



Wassinit please


Couple red peppers, onion, celery, garlic. Fry for a bit.
Red lentils, veg stock and a spoonful of marmite (or just beef stock if you eat meat), and a few chilli flakes
Simmer down until thick. Let it cool for a bit
Stir in a load of coriander, bung it between some puff pastry, egg wash (or not if you’re vegan) oven at 200 for half an hour or so.

Think it’s my most used recipe, proper easy and really nice, and really good cold for lunch


I made Japanese fluffy pancakes


Would eat. What makes then Japanese?


Super easy no bake vegan truffles


You can’t tell from the photo but they’re about 1.5 inches thick. They’re also called soufflé pancakes or fuwa fuwa. I first ate them in Japan and they’re really light and fluffy. I read that they’re traditionally eaten after weddings for good fortune.


Mmmmm this looks well good.


My diet’s going really well! :laughing:


Some gougeres I made


Homemade Big Mac and wedges


Recent bakes included a chocolate banana stout pudding:

And a coffee infused banana bread loaf:

The choco pudding was a roaring success being rather boozy, gooey and indulgent all at the same time whilst with the banana loaf, I was disappointed that the coffee flavour didn’t pack enough punch.


amazing salad: lettuce, cherry toms, beetroot, cauliflower rice, feta, walnuts, and roasted sweet potato, pepper, mushrooms, carrot, courgette and broccoli