Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)

There are probably few if any foods that have such a low effort to high reward ratio as banoffee pie. Had some chocolate hobnobs, ginger nuts and digestivea all kicking around so mixed and matched on the base. I did mean to add vanilla to the cream, so i fucked that right up and will just have to make it again, now. Oh well.


Would eat

I think I’m meant to be sharing it with some friends up the road. It seems to be disappearing at an alarmingly quick rate though. Not sure it will make it out the front door, let alone up the road.

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:heart_eyes:Marry me! :heart_eyes:

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Have we had a divorce I’m unaware of?

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A lemon meringue cake and then apple rhubarb pocket pies


That lemon meringue cake looks ridiculous in a good way.

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Weekly white bread with poulish.


Was planning on doing a BBQ on Saturday, but the weather forecast continues to be shit. Might just do tacos and that for dinner instead, but want to try doing a pulled pork/beef brisket/barbacoa type thing on the BBQ as the filling.

I know more or less what I’m doing, but any tips/advice/recipes?