Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)

… and so your evening plans to bake cakes are ruined?

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this guy at the next stop:

‘too late to bake now, eh manches. ha ha ha’


“Next Stop Bakewell? Next Stop NotBaking more like!!”

(Of course, Bakewell lost its mainline station post-Beeching. However, the Monsal Trail is lovely for both cycling and leisurely walks)


Those look excellent! I’ve always failed at making shortbread so I’m impressed.

I’m glad I made this error

This is a thread for cakes and nice things thank you, not for shouting and swearing. The irks thread is thataway >>>

They’re a bit on the soft side even though I left them in a bit longer. May need a higher temperature. Taste really nice though :blush:

The mistake was quaint and Hugh Grant esque tho

Second attempt at banana bread after a year long gap. Would add some more spices and banana, a little bland tbh but still very decent with it. Look forward to having it toasted with butter!


Looks good Jag P. I make banana bread fairly often as I’m fussy about bananas. There’s only a small window between under and over ripe for me, so it helps use them up.

Tend to let them go really over before making so the bananas sometimes turn purple and like to leave the bananas quite chunky in the mix so there are pockets of it when you eat.

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stick that in your email summary, Discourse twats.

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As requested, some kind-of samosas I made in the oven with some leftover filo pastry last week.


:blush: What’s in them, please?

Potato, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, chilli, onion and garlic. All mashed together and the usual spices mixed in.

Baked em for about 15 minutes, might’ve done another minute or two to brown up a bit more.

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Not banana bread but if you’re feeling super lazy and have manky bananas to get rid of, this banana pudding is great


Mmmm that looks like it’d be good with custard and some toffee sauce


Yep, and vanilla ice cream too! It’s one for the lazy baker as it’s all done in 10 minutes.

This was what I did with the rest of the filo, btw

Was a recipe for a low fat chicken, ham and leek pie.


My thoughts exactly, my friend.

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Just made these, the round one is probably my best loaf ever and it’s a gift :slight_smile: :frowning: