Show us what you've cooked/baked (rolling)

Scones that will be eaten with a brew during tonight’s Line of Duty


The KLP is so easy, just need to make sure you have enoigh time to bake it and cool it.

The tacos I sort of made up as I went along. I boiled a chicken with some carrot, onion and herbs, then fried some cumin, onions, garlic and pepper, i used some of the chicken water to rehydrate some ancho and Guajillo chillies, then blended the veg and chillies with some stock chipotles in abodo, orange, lime, mexican oregano, and achiote paste then mixed that with more of the stock from the chicken and reduced it. Then just tore the chicken and mixed in some of the sauce.

I’m sure I’ve posted the taco and pickled onion recipes before. They were from the Death by Burrito book.


Ottolenghi - flavour


Ngl, I’ve been thinking about this pie a lot

Forgot to mention the base is a mix of gingernuts and digestives, instead of just digestives, which I think the recipe uses.

I was putting some stitches in someone’s eyebrow at 3.30am last night, and just kept thinking, ‘i bet that key lime pie tastes fucking amazing’


I hope the eyebrow didn’t suffer as a result.

Some of my finest work

(two stiches, even a chimp could do it)

Reckon a chimp would probably have correctly seen fit to give up and seek out a slice of pie, tbh.

Chimp 1
Doubleespresso 0

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I’ll send you a pic of the recipe! It’s from the hummingbird bakery cookbook.

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Gluten free fruit loaf (not my recipe so this is actually gluten free :innocent:)

Very artful apricot placement

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Thank you! Tough to make a fruit loaf look interesting. Had to use several toothpicks to keep that knife in place.

We had 8 egg whites to use up so we decided to make a pavlova but that only used up 5 of the egg whites so we had to resort to desperate measures and make a chocolate mousse to accompany the pavlova.

Couldn’t put the raspberries on the pavlova because they go mouldy so quickly and this pavlova is only feeding 2 so it should last at least 3 days.


That looks incredible! Pavlova AND chocolate mousse! :yum: :yum: :yum:

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Thanks! I was pretty pleased with the meringue, my first attempt and it was chewy on the inside just how I wanted it :yum: disappointed I couldn’t get passion fruit at Lidl and the blueberries weren’t very ripe, tho.

I’m currently browning butter for Claire Saffitz’s cookie recipe. Excited for tomorrow when I can bake and eat them!


Looking good and smell amazing


Yep, these are the best cookies I’ve ever eaten, if you have the time and patience, I can’t recommend this recipe enough.