Show us yer Christmas Tree 🎄 2021 Edition

Look, I know it’s still November. I take a pretty hardline on decorations or any Christmas acknowledgement before December, which puts me in conflict with Mrs HYG since she sees any time after Thanksgiving as fair game.

So obviously I have capitulated and we put up a tree yesterday.

We didn’t know anywhere local to walk and get one and didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of getting one into or onto a small car, so we ordered off some local company, and it’s… fine. It’s the size they said at least (Nordmann fir, just over 6ft) . Is dropping too much for my liking but the scent is okay. Branch arrangement is decent, not great. Would I have picked it? Probably not, but we have to make do, and hopefully we won’t actually be here at Christmas when it’s inevitable drown and dead.

Some ornaments of note:

A lovely glass beer barrel.

A tiny Emma Bridgewater mug.

Idk, a bee with a hat

See also: the mantelpiece display (no stockings yet)

Every time I walk in the room my brain automatically says “Now I have a machine gun”

So, show us yer tree (when ready)

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In my house growing up, we didn’t put the tree up until Christmas Eve because that’s traditional, apparently. I think it’s made me far too lazy to put up decorations.


We would usually do it about a week before Christmas, so this feels totally blasphemous tbf

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My family would always put it up the week before as a compromise cos my dad was a Christmas Eve traditionalist but last Christmas my mum had the tree up from late November to February or March, no idea how it wasn’t just a brown husk by that point


I have brought my very tiny tree round here because Mr Froglet hates christmas and only has a few tiny ornaments. Not sure where I can put it though, all the surfaces are covered in stuff already. Definitely no room for a big tree.

No tree up yet but this lad has come out of hibernation today


What a charmer


I have some traditional advent decorations up for the time being. Will be gearing up the closer we get to actual christmas, but I only put up a small white plastic christmas tree at home – the real one goes up at my parents’ house on the 23rd.

It’s wrong.

EDIT: no I checked and it’s right.

Would’ve gone and got ours this past weekend but going with a fake again, so should be coming and put up sometime this week.

Got this little set up I made out


These are beautiful!


Hoping there’s someone who combines this with the weirdness of taking all their decorations down on Boxing Day.

Ours went up yesterday!

It’s a big lad and luckily we never had a tree topper anyway as we can’t get one on here:

Here is my personalised Etsy family portrait:

And the Christmas whale:

All our little pom-poms are (clearly) homemade last year but still, bright and fun. Found the pine cones in the attic from a previous resident, which was exciting and dusty.

I’ll update later when Joni inevitably gets inside it again, as she did twice while it was being assembled. Now it’s all together, she’s settled for batting at low ornaments.


I just have an adventure calendar I was saving but am on day 12 already (and I bought it 3 days ago :sob:)


adventure calendar!

(is this a thing or a typo?)


Tree in two weeks I reckon but I might draw some little xmas houses on the living room window this evening

Advent! Oops