Show us yer deccies

No joke, a house round the corner here had a massive poppy on the front wall on the 11th, AND a Christmas tree in the window.

Might as well just get a massive poppy Christmas tree angel at that point

I have a feeling the poppy is still up, I’ll try and take a pic tomorrow if it still is.

Apart from having the Daft Punk robot heads in a prominent position as possible going against the aesthetic of the rest of decorations I’m not fussed. Basically as with everything to do with Christmas I am going to kick against it, give me a Pizza and a slice of Carrot Cake on Christmas Day


Put your decorations up whenever you fucking like, none of my business is it you pricks.



Absolutely done by ‘Poppy Tree’.


Should keep an eye on them to see which comes down first so you know whether they hate Jesus or the troops more.

Has Poppywatch given this the once over on twitter yet?



normally find it ridiculous when anyone has their decorations up in November, but it seems to be more widespread this year and i can kind of understand it tbh - time has ceased to have any meaning whatsoever this year and everyone’s miserable and wants something cheery to look forward to. it’s at the forefront of everybody’s mind this year cos there’s fuck all else to do until then. so i won’t blame anyone this year, but in 2021 i’d like to see some order restored until 1st December please.


Don’t think I want to buy an artificial tree as I’ll be moving house in summer again so it’ll just become another thing. Probably have some fairy lights for the cat to eat

anyway i’ve never had any decorations in my current house beyond some cheap fairy lights cos there’s not much space to store things for the other 11 months of the year (i go to my parents over the actual Christmas week anyway).

i’ve bought a little one and a half foot tall tree in M&S this year though to put on the shelf beside the sofa, comes already wrapped in lights. it’s technically in place already but i won’t be turning the lights on until next week. bought a couple of other little miniature decorations to pop up somewhere too, including a tiny little glittery tree decoration that lights up as well. may pick up a couple more things before the shops all close again next week.

usually put my Low Christmas LP on display on the mantelpiece to Christmas things up a bit as well

photos will follow at the appropriate time

I made some deccies with the kids yesterday out of this sheet of foil lined insulation that you’re supposed to put behind a radiator. They’ve destroyed them already.


You’re better than this Smee.

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Yes but how can I live up to my standards at all times?

Start by not calling them ‘deccies’ and busk it from there.

I already decided that that was the only time I would ever say d*****s

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Stage 1


Managed to take a pic of the home round the corner with both a tree in the window and poppies outside:

Carried out walking and found a house which had built a plywood stable on top of their porch with dummies dressed up for a naivety scene