Show us yer mug

For drinking. Not your face. Though show that too if you like.

This is my work mug. It’s a classic mini-eggs mug which I’ve had since Easter 2009. We’ve been through a lot together. Mainly coffee and restructures. Great bunch of mug.

Let’s see yours.


Generic company branded one from the communal mug cupboard.

Commie mug.

I don’t have a mug at work because I don’t drink tea or coffee here, but we do have lots of mugs at home:

Have that exact mug in the house, it’s a solid 7/10 but the rim gets a touch too wide for it to be perfect.

Big mega-bastard. I have the same one at home also.


Same chip too?





I find this is only really a drawback when carrying multiple items down the stairs with a full coffee. Always get some splashback in those situations.

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Comes with fanclub membership

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Why don’t you drink tea or coffee at work? Is it the quality of the goods provided?

This big old thing must be getting close to 10 years old.

Monkey’s dressing gown comes off when a hot drink is in the mug.


My work mug is a freebie from a training course. We’ve all got slightly different designs of the same mug depending on when we went for the training.


I like tea and I like (good) coffee, but I try to limit how much I drink because caffeine does funny things to my heart rate, and I don’t want my teeth to get too stained. Plus we only have bad instant coffee in the office.

I just drink water when I’m in work.

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Big fan of that saucy PG Tips mug.

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im a big fan of finding company branded mugs at work that are from different (but related) companies. HOWEVER i have a thermos mug at work


The only mug at work that isn’t a branded work mug. It was a gift from a friend when I left the uk. I always eat a bit annoyed when someone else at work uses it, esp as someone has chipped and cracked it. (It’s a pretty bad mug)


Dish washer has ruined my mug


This is a pretty masculine mug.