Show us yer suit



Inspired by yer mango’s suit dilemma, show us you in your finest.

Suit buying advice sought (boring thread)

what suit?
tits oot!



I don’t like to wear suits.


only got my birthday suit:


One tie wonder.


At my wedding, innit


That’s me being a light for my mate on his wedding day, when other lights failed, and he hadn’t learnt his fucking speech.


I love this photo


Are both those off the peg? If so, you are clearly the model man in terms of proportions


Bass face included


Thanks, friend


They’re both from Topman :nail_care:


second one is :ok_hand:


only the biggest shoulder pads and jauntiest angles for me thanks!



Cheers man, I’m always quite discerning when it comes to suits. Nothing worse than an ill-fitting one (see @Antpocalypsenow’s photo above).

Only joking champ.


It’s a fair point, friend. Never worn/owned a suit that wasn’t too long in the legs and sleeves. I’m sure as shit never forking out for fucking tailoring for something that I already resent paying (silly money) for to wear like five times ever.


graduation suit is still the only suit I own.


Proper Tory.


I like to think you’ve changed into your full suit specifically for this thread :slight_smile: