Show us your board games

And card games and that. All games welcome don’t worry about being judged by the penoids

Here’s mine


Never played the duel thing, read the rules but it just seems too complicated

I also have Ticket to Ride; Europe somewhere


codenames duet is pretty banging eh


I’ve only played it once! Might see if I can get a game going tonight, but someone wants to watch Sandman…

7 wonders Duel works well if you play a completely non competitive run through of it. We needed that to stick the rules and then got a handle on it and it’s good

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I’m sure it’s good but tbh I have enough trouble getting buy-in for bananagrams :sweat_smile:

Yeah it’s ace. Quite hard though / I’m rubbish at it. Never played the original codenames

Once I said “if my mum was here she’d definitely want to play’, which didn’t go down well, or work as a motivational tactic


Pandemic Legacy is still in shrink wrap because I got it for Christmas 2020 so…real life took over


Big Wingspan fans.


This game looks beautiful, wanted to buy it since it came out but never taken the plunge. Is it fun?

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Just packed all ours in a box for moving, sorry :frowning:

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My girlfriend isn’t really into games, video or board, but is a massive birder so this is where our interests meet. I bought it for her birthday and we both love it. It is really beautiful, everything is so well made and lovely to look at. The cards have a really nice feel to them. It’s loosely competitive with some player interaction but you’re really working solo to gain as many points as possible on your board.

Everyone we’ve played it with has liked it. Definitely recommend it.


My brother and I are really big into board games so we usually take it in turns to pick up something new so here is my collection.


I made this a few months ago for the eldest’s birthday:

It’s a version of the game Ticket To Ride, but I designed it for East Anglia, following the old train routes pre-Beeching. I based it on Ticket to Ride Europe: same proportions of coloured spaces, and using “bus routes” instead of tunnels.


Umm, just a few.


That’s incredible!

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I’m actually quite pleased by its playability! Not too easy, not too hard


Love a bit of Betrayal although I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve been absolutely blootered by the time I’ve been the traitor and I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to be doing

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I think I have ended up being the traitor at least 80% of the times I’ve played that game.