Show us your Christmas playlist! (Grinches stay OUT!)



Seeing as it is now December and as such officially socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music, I thought it’d be cool to see what everyone else on here listens to through the festive month. I mean, those of us who are into that sort of thing obviously.

I have a fucking AWESOME Christmas playlist which just keeps getting better and better each passing year. No oldies (with a couple of very honourable exceptions), but lots of cool covers and lots of new music. Makes me super happy to listen to.

Now post yours! (Or just your favourite songs, if you don’t have a full playlist or feel like posting it)

MTftSB: Christmas Playlist!

I’m not gonna share mine but I’m gonna post a few new things I’ve added to it if that’s ok wr?


I can guarantee I’ll be listening to this when I get home tonight :slight_smile:

My eldest has a bit of an obsession with the Sufjan christmas boxset… she loves this one in particular. She does this little musical play where she pretends to be Santa and then pretends to be someone telling Santa off :smiley:


Sufjan’s Songs For Christmas
followed by
Low’s Christmas
the Los Campesinos Christmas EP



i quite like danny elfman’s score for batman returns, has a very wintry feel


post this every year, it is my fav


All of this is :fire:


THis is the one I have on my spotify. Tbh I tend to just play Paul McCartney on loop. BEST SONG.


Your name on spotify is so funny WR :smiley: Hahaha I knew this already, I just forgot again.




FTFY :slight_smile:



I’ve got a real random one here

A mix of 70s / 80s classics, easy listening standards and odd indie covers of carols.


I think his version of O Holy Night is legit my favourite Christmas song ever (which is really saying something as I’ve got a lot of favourites). Feels like it sends chills not only down my spine but inside my brain somehow.


Johnny Foreigner. One of my favorite Xmas songs, it’s lovely.


This is my fave xmas song


Totally agreed. This is quite fun if you’ve not seen it before:




That’s a great Xmas album.