Show us your desk and something interesting you keep on it.

I don’t have a work type work desk, kitchen table sofa or bed are used

This is my standing desk thing for music

This Wall E picture is nice, nothing really interesting as such

No view - window looks straight out to upstair’s garden area so it has a privacy sticker and a blind in the way


I am loving all that gear

lots more two octave keyboards than i was expecting


Lucky ness amiibo




LAN party later?

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We all secretly want to be Rick Wakeman

Seriously lacking in sparkly capes, the lot of you. More capes is the answer.

Dis males firing up the command and control centre in the morning, ready for another day of dis.


They don’t actually make any good music with any of it- each key has a letter on, so it takes ages to type a comment about how they prefer one boots sandwich to another.



epimer has his emojis programmed into a kaos pad - i’ve seen it with my own eyes.

What does it do? Make the sound from your PC better?


makes the sounds going into your pc better (hopefully)

Oh right. Probably not for me then. I notice the sound coming from Win10 is sometimes garbage


Oh yeah good point

Yeah, check your desk-having privelege mates :triumph:

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This is from the ‘More WFH’ thread - my wife has the office space so I have this weird setup on the end of the kitchen table while my daughter has the other end of the table

That’s an ancient monitor that’s like 1680x1050 or something too.

My daughter has a desk in her room but she just can’t do her work on her own really so this is the setup. It’s sort of fun.

Actually refined it slightly by dropping the laptop down so its screen is more on the same level.

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