Show us your Halloween costumes!



I, sadly, have not been to a proper Halloween party or had any occasion to dress up this year. This makes me quite sad, so why don’t those of you who have dressed up show us pictures of your awesome/awful costumes here!?

In before “Halloween is lame” etc


Couldn’t get much scarier than this tbh


Seems no one could really top that


Halloween is la-… oh, never mind!

But srsly didnt even go out this weekend, might do something halloween-y on tuesday though. Find it weird how it just gets moved to the nearest weekend, that’s not how it works maaaaan.


I kind of agree, but obviously easier to throw/attend actual parties on the weekend.

I’m going to a silent film concert on Tues :heart:


Celebrating halloween by dressing as pikachu on oct 27th. Smh.


Fuck non-scary costumes, m9


I haven’t shaved for a week. Does that count?


I also have an identical twin so I often ‘go as my twin’


I didn’t get into any costumes over the weekend, Halloween or otherwise. However a friend of mine went to a party dressed as Rimmer from the Quarantine episode of Red Dwarf:


I’ll link her to this thread.


Swift work, mods :slight_smile:


I er… It says I deleted them but actually I thought I was just checking to be 100 percent sure. Oh well


Nah, it had all the hallmarks of spam. There was something in the massage thread about “sweet touch massage”…


I was God.


This was 4 years ago but remains one of my favourite pictures of myself


congrats on the laziest costume i’ve ever seen :smiley:


cat litter


zombie mad hatter


zombie buddy holly


hatter again


parker pen, but spelled ‘parker’ incorrectly



The TV and I were Linda and Bob Belcher last night


The only time I’ve ever dressed up for Halloween was as a Droog.


generic cloak geezer