Show us your leather jacket



Have you got a leather jacket? Go on, show us it.

I have a brown leather jacket acquired from TK Maxx some 10 years ago, I’ve never really got on with it, crack it out occasionally but I’m not sure it’s really me.

Have a passing fancy to get a proper black biker jacket, but I also know this is likely a terrible idea.

🍂 Things you enjoy about autumn 🍂

I would look (and feel) like such a fucking whopper in a leather jacket


It’s not an easy look to pull off. And yet, I feel like if you had the right one, you’d also be set for life.




yeah ive got a black biker-style leather jacket and i look like a fucking badass in it


How come you’re not showing us your’s?

I haven’t got one but I did want one of those fitted waist-length ones, something like the one Thom Yorke wears in the video to Just (and I didn’t even really like them that much back then). I only realised a couple of years ago that video was shot down at Liverpool St.

🍂 Things you enjoy about autumn 🍂

rocking this one most weekends


Fleece lined?


This is mine:




I have this one. It’s “pleather”


If it’s cold enough for a leather jacket then she should put on some fucking trousers!


As a long-term vege, I’ve mostly given up with pleather. Do you find the jacket makes you really sweaty, or is it ok?


Yeah it’s proper sweaty. Kind of smelt fishy when I first bought it and now it smells a bit sweaty.

There is a small window of time where you can actually wear it. All summer, it was too warm even in the evenings. Now its colder, the sleeves are like 3/4 length (but not quite) so you can’t really wear it without being a bit cold.

My friend has this one and the dark green version with a fur hood. She said that one is less sweaty and pleather like.


This one @_Em

they do it in black too.


I’ve pretty much given up with pleather shoes. There’s always something wrong with them. I’m also a half size, which makes it extra annoying. I just settled for having a couple of pairs of good quality leather winter shoes that will last a long time and being done with it. I justified it to myself that I haven’t eaten meat in 20 years, so the volume of animals I haven’t eaten by this point outweighs the odd pair of shoes every couple of years. I’m probably going to Vegan Hell though.


That would look horrendous on me or anyone else tall. Even the poor model’s hunched to try to make the jacket designed to be cropped on someone 5ft5 look vaguely long enough on her.


I assume most of the buildings are completely different now. They also try to muddle the issue with the US-style cop.

Remember wondering why Ed was wearing those ridiculous looking sunglasses until I saw a pic showing they were Elvis ones.


It’s still really similar, it’s Eldon street near to the station.


Go smack a jukebox fonzy