Show us your sofa!


alright, what you rockin’? we don’t own ours but i’m quite fond of it and may try to buy it off our landlord tbh.

also, please tell me whether you think it is green or yellow

  • green
  • yellow
  • other (chartreuse or some shite)

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Thank u.


So near, sofa


No, it’s hideous. Also I’m at work.



someones got a day off. Show off. Or pretending to work from home maybe.


Still, it could be worse, eh.


bit o’ both. half day WFH.


Here’s mine, it’s a few weeks old and very comfy (with matching footstool thing). Has to to be permanently covered with throw things due to the stinky cat also in the photo


Standard brown leather, which is a godsend considering how much I spill on them. Cushion was made by a colleague after I was distraught that I’d ripped my favourite spotty skirt. Got a three seater to match but don’t want you to see the dent my bum’s made in it.




had to be marckee, didn’t it


Here’s ours, in a few stages:


Second hand sofa in Dismal Beige. Covered with a duvet cover my nan gave me that fits no known duvet.


what a cosy scene!


This is what the sofa looks like on its own.


That Ercol table cost me £2


Hm. Might be easier just to link to a photo:


didn’t realise you lived in an old peoples home ?


keep it light, guys!!


Teal not light enough for you?