Show us your utensils / kitchen advice thread

Morning DiS
I am cooking from scratch more now than I ever have so think I might need to up my utensil game. This is the sum total (barring a ladle) of my current weaponry.

What am I missing? What is your favourite piece of kit?

Saw 5

Scene 1 - INT - John Lewis Lower Ground Floor - Night



Hi @NoahVale can we please see your chopping board(s)?

edit: do you own a sieve?

Y peeler, mandolin slicer, fucking massive heavy pestle and mortar

Gunna buy myself a molcajete soon I think

What device(s) are you using to keep your knives sharp? If you’re into baking then perhaps one of them bendy rubber spatulas.

Are those handcuffs?

All of this lot mate:

Are you manually chopping garlic?

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I’m in a loving relationship already or I would explore this as a possibility


What are the shovels in the second pic intended for?

crazy lacrosse


They are colander spoons (I have one) they are exceptional for removing boiled eggs from a pan of boiling water or for removing things from oil when they are being deep fried for example.

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Always manually chop garlic


Most used in our house that you don’t have there is a shamoji. Great if you like fluffy rice.

love squishing em through a little crusher. probs brainwashed by fifteen minute meals tbf

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Smash with the back of the knife then chop. Quicker and easier plus you get lovely garlic fingers for the rest of the day


I went and actually bought Jamie Oliver’s garlic crusher! The exact one he uses on fifteen minute meals.

I have to say, it’s a pretty bloody good crusher BUT I need to like oil up the screws or something cause it’s getting harder to open and close the garlic crusher.

Fun anecdote when buying the garlic crusher in Dunelm Mill, the lady was like “woah this is £15! Did you know it was £15? Do you still want it?”