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Utensils and knife block

Can’t wait to get a new kitchen


Our shambles of a cutlery drawer


In my experience the metal handed ones cut too thick. You want a wooden handled one.


A nice bendy silicone spatula.


I just posted the first image I found on Google. At home I actually have two, one with a plastic handle and one with a wooden handle. The wooden handle one is indeed slicing a bit thinner.

Different slicers for different needs.


Oo snazzy. I think mine was £3 from Ikea! Don’t make your food taste like WD-40 :grimacing:


This a chintzy alt?


Still pretty enamoured by my magnetic knife block on the wall. Fucking love chucking knives at it but it’ll all end in tears one day.


not seeing a lot of microplane action going on here. Shame


Not the right thread really but I don’t care. I bought a new sieve and used it yesterday after boiling up chicken bones for a couple of hours for stock. Problem was I automatically drained it straight into the sink as if I was boiling potatoes or something, so all that beautiful stock went down the drain :frowning:


I have done a variation on this so many times


Have a real problem with knife blocks. Unless you use them all a lot you’re better off getting one really good knife and giving it a wash between washing different things.

Recently got a lemon squeezer, amazed how I managed so long without one.


Your serrated knife game is weak. You need a smaller one I reckon.


do you keep it all out on the side like that? i think you could come up with a better system for it


Chopping boards! Got two basic wooden ones, so I can chop and - let me finish! - change

Glass chopping boards are the worst, most pointless invention ever though, overpriced loud clattery nonsense

Chopping boards:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass (would prefer stained glass from Canterbury Cathedral since I am a massive reactionary)
  • Even Torier option, marble or some shit idk

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Rolling pin
Measuring spoons
Palette knife
Cake lsice
Ice cream.scoop
Extra wooden spoons



Yes. I definitely need suggestions on this